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 Post subject: Funds with the names of our heroes?
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:51 pm 
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Was thinking about this idea this morning in my no-heat lifestyle (eeee, reFRESHiNg), sitting up in my sleepstuff, warming up to the chill, listening to local boidz enhance the leaf-art all around. Got to reading a fun article and i guess it mixed in with the police state reality i live in everyday.... then this came:

"The (?) Leonard Peltier Fund for...."

((To note:
i first got introduced to Leonard Peltier, via his voice on a voicephone conference call he made, back in 1985. And was surprised he wasn't allowed his freedom when Obama left office (then again, Obama WAS a puppet of establishment shenanigans, i think; thus the problem of when 'civil rights' enters

i got to thinking about a way Leonard (and his heart) MIGHT move UNDER the armors of the copmind, even if he is never allowed to be free again.

So i thought of this:
"for....Fallen Indigenous Cops (?) worldwide, including European"

Yeah, that's the whole title. And yeah, it SOUNDS completely antithetical to his legacy. But please bear with me!

Such an organization created so.....

To sensitize cops everywhere, via media and the fund, to what solidarity looks like with communities and what misses 'the point' entirely (i.e. Roman Law allows no grey areas in its either/or pronouncements). Spotlighting Indigenous cops in such media and promoting empathy, while demystifying (?) how they are usually tooled (like most soldiers), as well as promoting visionary approaches to policing.

The fund could be a "gofundme" thing. And COULD be used to defend veterans (i.e. cops) who defend the DAPL defenders.

Pros and cons, anyone?

Or maybe "just" an idea for others to run with.

(note: i understand that i can be especially naive and ignorant at times, so if this is one of those cases, i respectfully back to the sidelines. :oops: :)

(going thru my crazy today, hey hey!)

my path has included quite a few daring physical and psychological challenges....From this, i have learned other ways beyond WAR; ask me about being an ORrioR, a confrontationally nonviolent tactic.

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